• Mold Remediation
On January 1, 2016, New York State passed a law requiring the licensing of mold remediation contractors and industrial hygienists.

As a licensed mold remediation contractor, the NYS law now outlines a process in which mold remediation is to be performed and mandates that all technicians, supervisors, and companies be licensed by the State of New York. As a leader in mold remediation, our company and technicians were one of the first in the area to obtain licensing.

Mold remediation requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mold, its risks, and the required process to properly remediate. The mold remediation process includes (but is not limited to) installing proper containments to isolate the work zone, utilizing air filtration devices to clean the air during the remediation, utilizing hepa vacuums and EPA-approved disinfectants and sealants to clean building materials, and removing affected building materials such as sheetrock, flooring, etc.

The result of a successful mold remediation project is a dry, clean, and free-of visible dust or mold environment ready for repairs. Our Project Manager’s play a critical role in the mold remediation process.

Our Project Manager’s play a critical role in the mold remediation process and the third party mold assessor post remediation inspection, provides confirmation that the remediation has been successfully completed. 

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